Decorations made with lichens, mosses, air plants and stabilized natural plants

Jolie Arts
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Decorations made with lichens, mosses, air plants and stabilized natural plants.

    Here you can find out in detail the things you need to know about stabilized natural plants, how to take care of a lichen painting.
In short some simple tips to enjoy your painting for a long time:
· Not in direct sunlight
· Not near a heat source
· The humidity level in the room should not fall below 40%.
· Not to be set outdoors
· Do not spray, wet

All paintings leave the workshop safely, we guarantee that you will receive it in one piece with no unpleasant surprises.
All paintings are provided with special grips, adapted to the size and weight of the painting.
Hand-crafted from their natural environment the domed mosses go through a process of drying, stabilization, and pigmentation.
Their texture is compact, with slight variations sometimes, the color intense.
They fit very well in combination with lichens and other stabilized natural plants.

Size, color and texture may vary, they are not always perfectly round, let's not forget that they are still natural plants.

Lichen paintings give any room a fresh air. Lichens are a pleasant sight and brighten the appearance of the room.

Top 10 benefits of lichen paintings:

1. Lichens are 100% natural, do not include any chemical compounds;

2. Lichen and moss decorations / paintings / panels  offer a natural and relaxing environment at home or at the office;

3. Moss Paintings / lichens improve the quality of the air in the room by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen; they are especially famous for regulating the humidity in the room;

4. They are non-allergic, flame retardant, antistatic, do not attract or retain insects, are natural and biodegradable;

5. Lichens do not need care. No watering, pruning, fertilizing or beautifying;

6. In the summer, they offer thermal comfort by lowering the room temperature;

7. Lichen / mosses  paintings,  are ideal in conference rooms, being sound-absorbing and soundproof. For this reason, they are also appreciated in rooms where the environmental echo is desired to be reduced;

8. Lichens last up to 10 years!

9. Lichens are a healthy, modern and elegant solution for interior design. Jolie Arts offers you customized solutions: you can choose from over 20 colors. We are making decorations with lichens, mosses and other preserved plants, on the dimensions you want;

10. Jolie Arts uses the best quality plants. Lichen paintings can be accessorized with a multitude of natural elements: bulging / flat mosses, stabilized fern, cryogenic roses, cryogenic hydrangea and the list goes on.
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