Moss Painting, Model Green Day with Natural Preserved Lichens

Jolie Arts
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One of the most sought-after models, this painting features an excellent combination of green hues, which will bring a touch of naturalness to any space.
The composition of the painting includes several types of eucalyptus, ferns, round moss, and flat moss, all arranged in a harmonious manner, creating a lush and vibrant landscape.
The background of the painting is made of light green lichens, which perfectly complement the composition and bring a depth effect. All paintings are handmade, so small design differences may occur. These may include variations in color, texture, or details. These small differences will not affect the quality or beauty of the painting, but rather will give your painting a unique and special character, making it different and special. Each painting is a unique work of art, created with care and passion by our team.

The dimensions of the paintings are given by the outer measurements of the painting, including the frame or border. This means that the dimensions mentioned in the painting description refer to the total length and width of the painting, including the frame or border.
Here you can see the available frame variants.
    Here you can find out in detail the things you need to know about stabilized natural plants, how to take care of a lichen painting.
In short some simple tips to enjoy your painting for a long time:
· Not in direct sunlight
· Not near a heat source
· The humidity level in the room should not fall below 40%.
· Not to be set outdoors
· Do not spray, wet

All paintings leave the workshop safely, we guarantee that you will receive it in one piece with no unpleasant surprises.
All paintings are provided with special grips, adapted to the size and weight of the painting.


Pictured Product Variants That Can Be Found:

25 x 50 cm white sintetic    30 x 70 cm silver sintetic       40 x 130 cm brown wood  40 x 100 cm golden sintetic
25 x 50 cm black sintetic    40 x 100 cm white sintetic     40 x 130 cm black wood   25 x 100 cm black sintetic
30 x 70 cm white sintetic    40 x 100 cm black wood        50 x 150 cm bown wood
30 x 70 cm black sintetic     40 x 130 cm white sintetic     50 x 150 cm white wood

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