Moss, Lichens and Natural Preserved Plants, Green Amaranthus Painting

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This painting depicts a natural landscape, combining several shades of green through the use of stabilized natural plants, lichens and forest mosses. The combination of these elements in the painting creates a varied and interesting relief aspect. Each element brings its own unique textures and colors that complement each other, creating a complex and detailed painting. Tree bark can provide a natural contrast and extra dimension, while lichens and stabilized plants create an organic and natural look. This painting can be a visually impactful addition to any room, creating a warm and comfortable environment. The composition of the painting includes: light green lichens, flat and rounded forest mosses, eucalyptus, pine bark, green amaranthus.

Made with 100% natural elements, this painting does not contain any harmful allergens or chemicals and complies with CE standards. All products hold individual certificates that confirm their production process complies with quality and environmental standards. By selecting the color frame and size filters, you can find this product presented in several variations, making it easier to choose the right one for your decor. All paintings are handcrafted, so minor design differences may occur. These small differences will give your painting a unique and special character. This means that each piece is made by hand and may have small variations in design, adding personality to your painting and offering a touch of authenticity.

Here you can see the available frame variants.

The dimensions of the paintings are given by their external dimensions.
All paintings are handmade, so small design differences may occur. The small differences will give a unique and special character to your painting.

    Here you can find out in detail the things you need to know about stabilized natural plants, how to take care of a lichen painting.
In short some simple tips to enjoy your painting for a long time:
· Not in direct sunlight
· Not near a heat source
· The humidity level in the room should not fall below 40%.
· Not to be set outdoors
· Do not spray, wet

All paintings leave the workshop safely, we guarantee that you will receive it in one piece with no unpleasant surprises.
All paintings are provided with special grips, adapted to the size and weight of the painting.


Pictured Product Variants That Can Be Found:

25 x 100 cm white wood       30 x 70 cm black sintetic      40 x 100 cm black sintetic     40 x 130 cm black sintetic
25 x 100 cm black sintetic    40 x 100 cm white wood       40 x 130 cm brown wood      50 x 150 cm black wood
30 x 70 cm white sintetic      40 x 100 brown sintetic         40 x 130 cm white wood       50 x 150 cm white wood

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