Painting of Stabilized Natural Lichens, Light Green Color

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This painting of stabilized natural lichens can transform any room in your home into a colorful and vibrant living space. A perfect choice for nature lovers, this painting is a wonderful way to bring a sense of naturalness and authenticity to your home decor.
With a perfect combination of texture and color, the lichens in this painting emit an aura of freshness and vitality that can bring added inspiration and tranquility to your daily life. Adding a natural and unique charm to this painting, the texture and appearance of the lichens create a special visual effect that is sure to catch the attention of your guests.

Furthermore, having this painting in your home can provide a range of health and well-being benefits. By reducing stress and stimulating creativity, this painting can improve the quality of your life, while its natural air purifying function can help improve indoor air quality, so you can enjoy a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Create a relaxing atmosphere: the presence of lichens indoors can help reduce stress and create a more relaxing and calm atmosphere. Additionally, the green color of lichens is known for its calming effects and anxiety-reducing properties.

Stimulate creativity: nature is an important source of inspiration for many artists and creatives, and the presence of lichens indoors can help stimulate creativity and improve mood.

Increase productivity: studies show that the presence of plants in workspaces can have a positive impact on productivity and concentration. Paintings of stabilized natural lichens can offer the same benefits without requiring constant maintenance or natural light.

Connect with nature: the presence of plants indoors can help create a stronger connection with nature and bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. Stabilized natural lichens are an ideal option for those who want to bring natural elements into their home or office without having to worry about maintaining them.

Reduce indoor pollution: lichens are known for their ability to absorb pollutants and purify the air. Using paintings of stabilized natural lichens can help improve indoor air quality and reduce indoor pollution.

Choose the perfect frame for your painting to fit in your decor. Our offering includes multiple frame options, both synthetic and wooden. Our frame options can be accessed through product configuration. If you prefer a frame model that is not among the available options, please contact us to confirm availability and additional cost. The final price may be influenced by the chosen frame model.
Here you can see the available frame options. It is recommended for certain models or generally for larger paintings to use only wooden frames. The paintings are equipped with special hangers for easy wall mounting.
To enjoy your lichen painting for a long time, please follow the following maintenance tips:

· Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or near heat sources.
· Maintain an adequate level of humidity in the room, avoiding it to drop below 40%.
· Do not mount the painting outdoors.
· Do not water or spray the painting directly. These are simple but essential things to enjoy your lichen painting in perfect condition. Please visit the "Maintenance" section for detailed information on this subject.
All paintings are handcrafted, so minor design differences may occur. These small differences will give your painting a unique and special character. This means that each piece is handcrafted and may have slight variations in design, adding personality to your painting, giving it a special character and a touch of authenticity. It is also important to keep in mind that the final product may vary from pictures or description, but this does not affect the quality or beauty of the painting.
The dimensions of the paintings are given by the outer measurements of the frame.
The painting can be picked up from our workshop in Bucharest, or delivered through a DHL courier. We guarantee the safe arrival of the painting, without any unpleasant surprises.

Pictured Product Variants That Can Be Found:

60 x 100 black wood
60 x 120 white wood
60 x 120 brown wood

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